A butterfly named HULK


freedom hulk

I enjoy using social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I use them personally as well as for Mariannhill Mission Press and then again for some of our customers.

There are three hats for me to wear:
– Me
Mariannhill Mission Press
– Our Customers

Sometimes I just need to get down and focus on a particular task, like writing copy for a brochure; editing a book, or doing research. I am so used to messages popping up and then checking up on a profile. Nonstop social media monitoring is very distracting and quickly can become a bad habit – hooked on the adrenalin of the hit of a “post”, “Comment” or “like.”…and time slips away like custard on a granite kitchen top counter….forever.

Introducing a super cool app called Freedom.

Subscribe to the service at $6,99 per month or pay $25 for a year to activate the service.

Freedom is a site blocking service built to bring out the beast in your productivity.

– Create your account
– Pay
– register your devices
– create you blocking lists

This is cool because you can create different lists with different types of sites to block:
e.g., A. How I pay for my Porsche – which blocks everything except my email
B. Magazines and News – blocks all my favourite magazine sites
C. Social – blocks all my social media sites

– Then choose how long you want your blocking session to be – I usually prefer an hour at a time.
– Then I get down to work.

If you try and go to any site you have blocked – BOOMED BIG GREEN BUTTERFLY – you can’t get access until your time is up.
There is no Kill Switch – no back door.
Once you are locked out – you are locked out until the time runs out.

You can run it on your phone at the same time as well – so as you choose a list on your desktop or laptop and as if my magic your phone shuts down in the same way at the same time. There is no cheating. (Well there is – but I like pretending ….I mean I have legitimate work to do.)

I am in love with this focusing tool – You may think I am weak, that I must have no willpower and a short and ADD attention span – but remember that this is a big part of my job. So when I need to focus this tool makes it super simple for me.

Type “Freedom.to” into your browser and smile, you are soon to be knighted in the realm of Social Media

I call the butterfly Hulk because like Hulk, the service is solid and green. The App works on Mac and Windows as well as OS for Mac and Google’s Android. It’s a big win for me. Thank you Flutterby Hulk!