But that is always the way we’ve done things…



I am not a shoe guy.


I probably get one new pair a year. I love to wear Adidas but that is it. I buy a pair and then wear them until they paper thin. I basically live in the same pair all the time.  Shoes are a functional thing before they are a fashion statement.


I’ve always been a UK size 9 since I left school.


The other day I went with my family to get a new pair. While I say I don’t think of shoes as important, I do seem to buy loud colourful pairs.


I found a red pair I liked and asked for UK size 9to try on just to make sure they were what I wanted.


Done – I was ready to head to the till with them and my wife says – “why don’t you try a size 10 – I’ve always thought your shoes looked a little small” she says.


I’ve always been size 9 – I’m not size 10 but I trust my best friend of a wife, so I try on the 10…….


and they feel great…..like the best, most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in years.


Lesson: Don’t do things just because that is they way you’ve always done them.


Business Lesson: Remember to reassess the most mundane of operations and processes, you might need to tweak things to ensure they work to optimum efficiency.


Spiritual Lesson: If you are going to try to understand someone else, people say you should walk a mile in their shoes, I’d like to add :  Try and make sure they are the same size as yours.