Deadly Gama Rays & your Business Plan.


The plan of War

After reading Popovic’s book “Blueprint for Revolution” – I had said I wanted to revolutionise Mariannhill Mission Press.

I wanted to make a better Mariannhill and this means going back to the business plan.

After 20 years of being in an industry or vocation it is very easy to think you know it all, and that you can just run through things in your head. This is not a good idea.

Over the past few weeks, I have been intensely relooking at our business plan.

(I note back to my first business plan at 22 years old which was reject three times before I got an investor – three times I rewrote the plan looking for “WHY” it was rejected.

I am a big tech geek and I love my planning apps and tools, but for me, nothing beats paper when planning.

Recently I was reminded how paper can help keep things real and honest.

My children and I played a game on Saturday night for an hour or more.

They called it “Wars”

This is how the game works:

You take a blank piece of paper and draw out an army with no more than 30 parts – weapons, personal, force fields.

Everything has to be clearly labelled.

Everything has to carefully positioned.

Then you play “Paper, Scissors, Rock” to see who gets first each round. (and here and only here can paper beaten – and only by scissors  – which is a whole other metaphor, because paper beats Rock)

You take turns attacking and defending yourselves.

The pictures, the labels keep the game honest.

A swarm of killer bees stays a swarm of killer bees.

You can’t suddenly magically make them into a robotic swarm of killer bees with a diamond force field.

You have to stick to your paper, and this makes you put more effort into the planning, makes you more creative in your positioning, more profound in your fire power.

Paper keeps the game honest in the moment.

That is what a good business plan does.

It forces creativity.

It forces commitment.

This is how every business plan should be treated:

Play through your business and test it and find the failings and flaws.

Refine it.

Play it through again.

Refine it.

Then once you have played it through a number of times more.

Test it against others

Then and only then are you ready to launch (or relaunch) the real thing. – maybe

Hopefully, you won’t run into Gama-Tech Ray soldiers, giant ladybugs, fairies with heavy firepower – but you should be better prepared should you not have taken the time to put pen to paper.

Take the time to play with ideas.

Take the time to plan and structure the ideas.

Take the time to write the ideas down.

Take the time to pull them apart and replay them.

Then act.