Don’t film yourself having SEX.


Emma Sadleir & Tamsyn de Beer - Don't Film Yourself Having Sex LR_0

I have just read a fantastic book “don’t film yourself having sex and other legal advice for the age of social media by Emma Sadleir and Tamsin de Beer.

I read the book on a flight from Durban to Cape Town.  I braved a few odd looks, few subtle glares and stares from people when they saw the cover. I am so glad I did!

It’s a big book – bigger in physical size than most books – and this serves to make the words “don’t film yourself having sex” in the clear bold blue font feel as big a road side billboard.  “Hey look at me!!! I’m reading a book about filming yourself having sex!”

But seriously, put all bashfulness aside – This is a book totally worth reading.  In fact I demand you read this book!

Written by two brilliantly brainy blondes (private joke if you have read the book) with our very best intentions at heart, this book a gift to South African Society.  Packed with stories, facts, laws from a South African perspective, this the tool that every principal, teacher, leaner; every Bishop, priest, sister, and layperson MUST read.  I’ve read maybe 50 plus books over the last year on social media and this one is the best of them all. If you read just one book a year then make it this one.

Some to chapters include:

But wait! What about free speech?!

Is privacy dead?

Don’t joke about bombs

Stop making criminals’ lives easier

From Hiring to Firing

Leaving your kids to their own devices

So to sum up ….this book is a must read even if you, have never and will never, film yourself having sex….yuck! And if you have….then BLOODY well READ this BOOK.