Don’t Gloss over the Big Picture – Dazzle in the Details


I’ve been reading “Where’s Wally?” with my daughter fairly often at the moment, we have a six series collection to make our way through.  You open up a double page spread and then start the laborious task of looking for Wally and his friends.

Trinity and I take as much as half an hour on a page sometimes, chatting away as we look for the prescribed list of things. It’s a tons of fun!  Seriously – I don’t care how old you are! We work through them in a fair methodical way but often draw each others attention to a funny part of the image – and there are a good few of these per spread.

In business and in life it very important to look at the big picture, but once that is understood, it is a ton of fun getting done to dazzle oneself with the details.

Just saying… both aspects are necessary when you want to be successful in a project.

Big Picture – Dazzle in the Details and make sure you are having fun otherwise you might need a new job – or book in this case.