Faith and Business in a new Light!


I bought a book entitled “The Pope and the CEO” by Andreas Widmer on 2 April 2013 for my Kindle.

I loved it and told so many people about – Dean Petzer, our Financial Director at Mariannhill Mission Press  was the only person I actually know that listened to me and read the book.

I was then lucky enough to hear Andreas speak at Acton University 2013.  I felt encouraged, challenged, fuelled up and ready to rock and roll after listening to him. It was with disappointment that I thought of how many people were missing out because they could not be bothered to read the book.

Then I found this recent video clip.  This interview just gives you a taste of the book…but what a great taste!

Watch…..then buy the book ….and then try and live it.  We need to see our role in business in this light!