God can create a masterpiece with a broken pencil.

God can create a masterpiece with a broken pencil.

“Army of one” is a movie that reminds us of this fact in a very entertaining way.

Gary Faulkner (Nicolas Cage), an ex-con, unemployed handyman, receives a vision from God (Russell Brand) telling him to capture Osama bin Laden….Something that God would magically appear and tell any of us to do…So….armed with only a single sword sharp enough to cut fruit up, Gary travels to Pakistan to complete his mission.
While on his quest, Gary encounters old friends back home in Colorado, new friends he makes in Pakistan and makes enemies at the CIA 
Here is the trailer:
This is based on a true story and I think the movie very funny. Sad in someways, very funny in other ways …but a real reminder that God works in mysterious ways.
Gary has kidney problems and when he does not get the right treatment he hallucinates.
Gary does not catch Osama …as we all know ….but he does capture our hearts. Gary reminded me to; trust God  – to smile in the face of fear and never to forget that with God, anything is possible.
Too often we feel one person cannot make a difference in the world  – but Gary did – not in the way he expected, but he really did.
I bought it on Itunes …so go get it there!