Gotta Love Lizzie


Here in South Africa, more and more schools are adopting anti bullying programmes and campaigns.  The school the my children go to, St Benedict, have been well educated in the terrible effects of bullying.


I have just watched an amazingly inspiring film – A Brave Heart  – the story of Lizzie Velasquez.  I can’t recommend the film enough.


Lizzie was born with a condition that made her unable to put on weight.  This young woman is rocking the world with positive energy and passion and love!

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I first remember her from a TED talk she gave in 2013  – a talk that has had nearly 10 million views on the TED talk channel alone – never mind all the other uploads and views it has had.

Visit the movie site here:

I think it is important for all families – parents and children to watch this film.

I love Lizzies’ faith and energy and passion.  I am also particularly touched by the faith her father, who is Catholic.

But Bullying can happen in the work place too….Business Owners and managers be aware.


We need to be aware of this current fact…bullying is no longer on the school yard…but on social media where it never ends 24/7.  I love social media….but it can have a dark side!


Rock on Lizzie!