Heads & Tails……. not…… Heads or Tails

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Heads and Tails is the right way to say this common statement.
Heads and Tails…………….not Heads or tails.
Choose both sides of the coin – accept both sides of the coin…. keep both sides rolling around in your head.
I was reading a great article on Inc.com Magazine by Kevin Daum entitled Elon Musk’s 4 insights on Achieving true Greatness. Two of Elon’s quotes got me thinking.
(Elon Musk – Pretoria born billionaire entrepreneur  – He is the founder of Tesla motors – the electric car company – Paypay founder and tons of other interesting stuff.)
The article is great – I’ve saved it in Evernote and Pocket – (2 storage apps we have spoken about before) – I enjoy rereading the quotes from time to time.
Two of Elon’s quotes struck me….
There are two sides to a coin:
  1. “Being an Entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring in the the abyss of death”
  1. “I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”
These are two opposing mindsets:
One very positive –
One very negative  –
I agree with both statements. I think it healthy to allow two opposite mindsets to simultaneously roll around in your head.
It is interesting to note that they are said by the same guy.
I think he is right.
Keep flipping the coin. Keep moving forward – always considering the worst and looking for the best.
Recently one of Elon’s rockets exploded – he has reached out to everyone to learn and find out more.
He reached out on Twitter –  asking critics, competitors, and friends for any constructive criticism and feedback.
A one sided coin has no value.