Make the wine yourself



You have what you need….make the wine! No more excuses.

I think often we make to many excuses to easily.

That’s right… many EXCUSES….to EASILY.

In the world in the world of media, marketing and advertising we often think we need to use the biggest and the best.

Big Fancy Ad Agency

Big Expensive equipment

And for that we need Big Bucks to make it all happen.

Big Fancy Ad Agencies and Big Expensive equipment and Big budgets have there place……but they are not the only way to get a message out there.

The movie “Tangerine”   (not suitable to play any audio clips)

The film is about prostitutes, pimps and life the street.

This movie by Sean Baker was filmed completely on an iphone 5s using a $10 app called FiLMiC Pro

WARNING – adult content for a mature audience only.

I just love how this film completely obliterates any possible excuse we could have for not producing something great for our organisation.  I am not saying it won’t be work….I am just tired of hearing excuses as to why you just can’t.

I recently did a 5 minute film presentation for Sr Melanie from the Counter Traficking in Persons Office.  Sr Melanie showed the clip I made for her at a Vatican Conference.  See it here.  It is not NEARLY as good as Tangerine… by a long long long way…but at least I did it…it was made in an afternoon and then shown to people.

It is time to stop making excuses, it is time to stop playing games on Facebook.

It is time to making some wine with the grapes we have been given. If you can’t make wine, then maybe try make some grape jam, or raisins or just serve them cold in a basket….but don’t leave them on the vine to rot.  Harvest the grapes and do something with them. Tell your story…you have no excuse not to.

Check out this powerful video of things you can do with your phone.