Religious Work is washed away…


Religious workers want to do good but their Work is WASHED AWAY almost everyday!

My children and I, love the art of David Zinn.  David is a professional illustrator and artist who does some amazing illustrations in public places, in unusual and out the way little places.  His medium is chalk.  The intelligence and beauty of his work stirs the entire being.

washed away


“Why work in chalk?” I scream to myself.

“That’s silly, that’s madness  – people will never know about you – who you are and the amazing work you do!”

My children spent the entire day outside drawing chalk after watching a mini documentary on David and his work.

“Why you doing all this work?” a friend asked Trinity (7) “It’s going to wash away when it rains.”

“That’s ok. We’ll do more tomorrow” she said matter-of-factly.

It was a  joy to see my children spend a day outside just drawing with chalk in all sorts of strange places.

Davids’ work is the same, simple, beautiful, fun, inspiring and impermanent.   

What makes David so well known then if his work is tucked way in little places and then washes away?

1. The work he does is awesome.

2. David does it consistently    new work in new places –

This reminded me of the work many religious do:

1. You do good work that can wash way with the smallest downpour.

2. Rain or problems don’t diminish the value of your work. 

3. The key to doing great work that lasts  – no matter what medium you work in or with – is to do it consistently with Love.

Check out David Zinn and see why it is so ok to work with impermanent tools but still have lasting effects.  His art, like your work, is awesome!