The Big Picture from God’s Bedroom Window


ISS  – The international Space Station

It is amazing and refreshing and awesome and unreal and cool, to see the world from the God’s bedroom window.

Here are 2 awesome images of South Africa from the Twitter account of Scott Kelly  @StationCDRKelly – the American Astronaut who is spending a year in space on the International Space Station.


I love how Scotty Kelly posts these pics and tags them with such care, that those of us who love our country, find them with ease.  I love his short positive punts he taps out with each image.

There are terrible things happening in the world all the time, and right here.

Just Last week my Children were witnesses to a Hijacking where an innocent man lost his life. Close up and personal. They were the only other people there and they ran off, about 800 m alone and terrified, expecting to be next.

Things like this happen, but we can’t let the fear control us.  It is times like this, we need to make sure we see the big picture. Why? Because the big picture is important  – it can put things in perspective – it can highlight the master plan.

It is so special to know we live, love and work on a tiny spec on beautiful colourful ball floating through space made by a God that loves us.

French R