The Crucifix in the cupboard.



I flippin hate it when people say they will let their children decide when they grow up if there is a God. Why do those same parents make their children learn to read before they decide what to study?

Dee, my wife, and I have always loved God, we both have always needed Him. When we were blessed with children we instantly introduced them to God and helped them develop a relationship with Him. As Catholics we have always ensured that the children have always had a crucifix up in their room from birth, as a physical reminder of a God that loves them.

One day I found a really beautiful crucifix somewhere and bought it for Ethan, and when I got home I replaced his old one with it. Nobody throws away an old crucifix – well nobody I know, so I wandered round the house looking for a new spot for Ethan’s old crucifix. Every natural place in the house was already occupied. Ethan had a particularly awesome crucifix but now we had one spare – with no space. I wandered around the house crucifix in hand. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Then I walked past the linen cupboard in our passage and just happened to open it, why I don’t know, and there on the inside back of the door, was a empty hook.  I had found a home for the old crucifix! WhooHoo!

That night saying prayers and chatting with Ethan he asked, pointing to his new crucifix “That means Jesus loves us and he is looking after me?”

“Yes” I answered.  “And the one you and mommy have means Jesus is looking after you and Mommy?”

“Yes” I answered again.

“Who is Jesus looking after in the cupboard?” he asked.

Nine years later I still don’t have an answer, but this question has forced me to look at my faith life over and over again.

Children have the power to ask simple yet profound questions – Questions that should have an obvious answer – but somehow don’t.

When last did we sit down and ask ourselves some simple child like questions?

Why do I do this job?

Why do we do things like this in our business?

Why is the welcome table over there in the corner?

What do questions do ?

1. They force us to provide an answer

2. They force us to consider established wisdom

3. They open the way for new insight

I can’t promise answers….. but I can promise some benefit from asking our ourselves some “SIMPLE” childlike questions.

Try it sometime.