True Stories


Kung Fu Mastery

Kung Fu lessons next to the pharmacy next to the toilets

Very skinny headband wearing fighter shows skills

On the 15th October I left a national catholic communicators conference and headed home.  I had a long wait at the airport when I bumped into Sr Alice Dollie on her way to Australia. It was a complete co-incidence and a pleasant one at that.  The last time I had seen Sr Alice, was when we had worked together on a project in Tzaneen training groups on “Counter Human Trafficking Awareness”.  We both still had a few hours to kill and where going to grab a meal together when a guy walk past carrying a sign that said “FREE KUNG FU LESSONS!”

Turns out, this guy (who was trained in some really rural village deep in inland China) would find a quite corner in the airport and teach you Kung Fu moves for 100 bucks for a half hour lesson.

Long story short we both signed up there and then, and in a corner near the toilets next to the pharmacy, we learnt some killer moves.

Don’t mess with Sr Alice and I – We know 30 minutes of Kung Fu – We know all the “uncomfortable”pressure points. LOL – seriously if you ever see this guy at OR Tambo Airport give it a try.  But the sign is misleading.

I think this will be useful when dealing with prospective funders.

Disclaimer : This story is NOT true, I know this because I made it up.