Vanity Fair highlighting modern Slavery!



The Dominican friar Xavier Plassat, fighter against slavery, on the Araguaia River. Photograph by William Langewiesche.


I have found myself guilty of judging.

I thought “Vanity Fair” was a high flying glam magazine for the bored and rich.
I thought the gloss colour magazine could only write about expensive shoes and silly runway fashions.
I was wrong.
This one of the best articles I’ve read in a long time.
I must point out that it was brought to my attention by the Southern Cross Newspaper – our very own South African Catholic newspaper.
The article is about the fight against Slavery and Human Trafficking  – specially led by a French Domician friar  – Xavier Plassat.
It a very long read with horrifically haunting photos – but wow!!!…what a read!
Read it and learn.
But the thing that I would like to highlight here is that we all have a role to play in bringing good work to light.
I don’t think I could be blamed in thinking Vanity Fair could have nothing to offer. But I was wrong. I am sorry.
We all can use our business, our school or our organisation to bring attention to important issues.