Village Idiot – The book


The Village Idiot’s Action Plan – a 100 Action plan workbook for the overactive mind.

I wrote this book for myself.

Although I have never been “officially” diagnosed, I do suffer from ADD.  My mind races with ideas, concepts, dreams and goals.  But do I really suffer? I am bold enough to say I am bright and fun and intelligent with tons of energy.  I have had a good life so far, but execution from idea to completion is difficult for me.  So I have this racing mind – what am I going to do with it? That is why I created this workbook.  I have a long way to go and a great deal more to achieve. But I struggle on.

I have read literally 100’s of self help, motivation, efficiency and super success book.

I enjoyed most of them and learned something from all of them.

You can find a list of some of my favourites books on here

After all the books, what it has come down to for me is this:

Planning and taking action. Living with a List

That is why I created this workbook for myself.

It then struck me to share it with others like me. So I put it up as a low cost PDF download, for you to print, bind and use yourself if you think it will help you.

What do you get when you buy the download?

I will also give you an “Open” Indesign or Word document, so you can change it up to suit yourself better if you find it necessary.

If you want one already printed and bound you can buy one on my site.

I am not qualified to help you be the success you were made to be.   

There are others for that.  Read their books. Go to their workshops and courses.

But then take action. Make up this work book and take Action.